The Dragon and Chips series

FCharts Data Importing Tutorials

These pages show a step-by-step guide for first time users.
The examples given are for the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange)

Example Five

Now it's time to allocate all those companies to their GICS sectors. This will allow you to use the List view to its full potential, by drilling down through the better-performing sectors to find the best-performing stocks in those sectors. This feature is only available in FCharts Pro.

There is a sectors file included with the software. Click Import/Export then Other then Import Sectors. Open the Symbols folder (it's in C:\Program Files\FCharts\ by default) and double-click the file 'GICS Sectors (Subset).csv' This will import the sector file and assign tickers to their correct sectors. Next, you can click Import Company Titles and select 'GICS Titles (Subset).csv' This will give all the sectors their proper names, but please be careful not to mix these two files up!

Now click 'List View' and then choose the 'sectors' option. You can view the stocks in each sector.


If you're a Shares Magazine subscriber, the latest version of FCharts Pro will import their fundamental files directly, settings up the sector information at the same time. has a download page with a number of useful files. What you have to do is download the gics zip file, select the relevent DAT file (e.g. Top-020.DAT), open it with Wordpad and then highlight & copy the tickers (ignoring the header row). In FCPro, open the watchlist setup page, paste the tickers into the box, select the watchlist (which you can rename - eg. ASX20) and then click Add.
You might want to clear the watchlist of existing tickers before you add a new set.

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