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FCharts Pro Stock Charting Software
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Runs on all versions of Windows, 32- or 64- bit and Wine on Linux & Mac

FCharts Pro has been superseded by FCharts 2 Pro. I recommend you download and install the newer version instead.

The links include data for pay sites and also for free share market data, and for currencies and commodities as well as for ordinary shares. There are links for free asx daily data, as well as for other countries around the world.

At the bottom of the page there is an incomplete list of brokers who offer free EOD data to their customers. If your broker isn't listed, please email with any details and whether they have data for customers or not.

Click for larger view Many of these sites have end of day data which can be used with FCharts SE and FCharts PRO. Others are useful sources of information or ancilliary software.
If you haven't downloaded your free copy of FCharts SE yet, you can do so here.

If you want to view a quickstart guide to setting up FCharts with your initial database, see this tutorial

Instructions on downloading and importing data from Commonwealth Securities (comsec) here

For examples of the FCharts programming language, click here

Australia Only (ASX data)

Data Links
Bear in mind that although you can download free price data from some places, it's usually not until after midnight of the trading day.
asxhistoricaldata.com [FREE]
Historical Stock Market Data. ASX Data is available for download each weekend in ascii text format- suitable for Metastock, Amibroker and most major charting applications. Historical Data is provided in an end-of-day (EOD) format and has been "cleaned" to remove non-trading days, illiquid stocks and non 3 character codes (Options, Warrants etc).
Float.com.au [FREE]
Free ASX EOD data nightly after midnight in a variety of formats. Historical data back to 1997. Direct support for Fcharts data format and downloading individual stocks. (Not updated recently, but see the next site for recent data)
Cool Trader [FREE]
Free ASX data after 10am the following day - requires registration.
Also supplies paid data.
Cool Trader
ASX, US, Singapore, Indices, FOREX and futures. End-of-day price data, with snapshots emailed to you hourly throughout the day.
Justdata sells data subscriptions and a program called BodhiGold which automates data downloading, price adjustments, splits, etc. FCharts will import straight out of a Bodhi's 'BodhiOne' database. They have a 'Howto' for FCharts and their program here. 30-day trial available, has data for Australia, USA, UK, Singapore (and more investigated on request) all rolled into a simple downloader. BodhiGold can also automatically download data made freely available from Yahoo.
ASX Data from Almax
Offers ASX data, with intraday snapshots of the whole market.
End of Day Data Corp. (EOD) provides reliable stock market data ($) and free charting software for the technical analyst. METASTOCK and ASCII formats are supported.
Title and Sector files This file contains descriptive titles for UK, US, AUS, Toronto and NZ markets. Extract it and import the relevant file into FCharts. (Not always up to date, but it's a starting point.) SYMBOLS.ZIP
Australian Brokers who supply free EOD data to their clients:
National Online
Bell Potter (Belldirect) supply EOD data emailed after 5:30pm or collected from their website

Commonwealth Securities
(Instructions on downloading and importing here)
Westpac offers data in FCharts-friendly format.
Macquarie's DirectTrade has a link for csv EOD files posted at 4.30pm each day

Brokers who do NOT supply EOD data
(Don't forget, you can always request EOD from them!)
ANZ Bank ETrade (The Power and Pro accounts DO have data)

(If you have any additions or alterations to this list, please contact me)


India Only (BSE and NSE data)

An FCharts SE tutorial AND a downloader for Indian stock exchange data.

Historical data also available for free here You can find instructions for using BSE/NSE Indian share market data with FCharts here
(NSE/BSE Data downloader, imports directly into FCharts or Amibroker)

Saudi Arabia


North America (and other markets)

Free registration required.
AMEX American Stock Exchange, FOREX Foreign Exchange, INDEX Global Indices, HKSE Hong Kong Stock Exchange, LSE London Stock Exchange, MLSE Milan Stock Exchange, NASDAQ NASDAQ Stock Exchange, NYSE New York Stock Exchange, OBB OTC Bulletin Board, PSE Paris Stock Exchange, SGX Singapore Stock Exchange, TSE Toronto Stock Exchange and VSE Vancouver Stock Exchange.
Recently added US Futures and Mutual Funds
FuturesQuotes.com provides daily and historical futures prices. (Free, straight off the web site)
MarketSource Online
Provides end of day and historical financial data for use in technical analysis. Coverage includes stocks, indexes, commodities, commitment of traders, and mutual fund data. Our data is typically used with charting software but is also well suited for use with spreadsheets and custom analysis applications.

This company has added FCharts support to their downloader, enabling it to write directly to my data files for maximum ease of use.

MarketSource Online
Brite Futures
Futures data. Click on the chart you want out of the index at the left. When the chart appears go to the bottom and click on download prices. It has the date and O,H,L,C,V,OI but you have to add the symbol.....example : SBH2003
Brite Futures
kumo.swcp.co Free EOD files for the US market. They're in a different format (ticker and date swapped) but that can be rectified with a custom fields.txt file (see the FCharts help file) kumo.swcp.com
http://www.cbot.com/ Commodities data, free.
To find the data, click 'Charts' or 'Charts Home', then 'Other Data', then 'Daily Price File'.
Data is in this format (the D option):
You'll have to drop the first column of data or combine it with the second to make the file FC compatible.
ANFutures e-mini S&P 500 and e-mini NASDAQ 100 futures contract intraday data - 5 minute interval (open-high-low-close) history since 1999, without night session (08:00 - 15:15 CT only). Data is in ASCII format, ZIPped for faster download. ANFutures.com
Marisol Systems
An EOD data downloader and filter for the North American markets. (Send email to them for info)
Marisol Systems
NYSE/NASDAQ Ticker and Title List
This site has a complete list of NYSE tickers and titles, which can be edited for import into FCharts:
http://www.americanbulls.com/SitemapNYSE.asp http://www.americanbulls.com/SitemapNASDAQ.asp

Forex Data

Forex historical data for all major currency pairs. Historical data for Forex can be found by scrolling down in the box below the stock tickers. Select your prefered time frame for your data,monthly data, daily data or intraday data. Historical data can also be found for Crude Oil,Indices and Many U.S and U.K Stocks. Data is free to download.

Other sharemarket/trading tools

Stock Portfolio Organizer Stock Portfolio Organizer is an easy-to-use stock portfolio management and tracking software for shares, margin, futures and forex. It's built for investors, traders and self managed funds. www.StockPortfolioOrganizer.com
QuoteMonster Not a data source, but a script which will download historical or EOD data for US stocks (or other countries).

In order to set up a tickers file, use the Export All Codes button on the FCharts Settings screen (on the Import/Export tab). After renaming this file to tickers.txt you can use it as the source file for Quotemonster.

I can't give detailed instructions on using QuoteMonster - it involves setting up Perl and running commands from a Dos prompt. It includes a readme file explaining the usage.

Also on this site, you'll find a zip file containing a list of all AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, and OTCBB stocks.
Also has some useful utilities for free download - including a data file cleaner, ASX sector information and a daily 'Company Titles' file which can be imported directly into FCharts.
This utility will download quotes from Yahoo and others, for import into FCharts (and other charting programs)
"MetaTrader online trading platform is our last developed system, designed for dealing through the Internet. It allows receiving quotation and news from the international financial markets in real time and up to date, offers instant trade execution and trade capture, advanced charting and technical analyses. MetaTrader has considered the importance of security measurements that maintain the reliability and confidentiality of conducted operations."
This will give you Forex, Futures, CFD.
MetaQuotes Software Corp
Stator - Advanced Finance Management
Affordable portfolio management software designed for serious traders. No matter what type of market you trade or what types of investments you have, Stator leaves you in total control. Visit the website to learn more.