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Create Ebooks using yWriter and Calibre

A how-to guide based on my own experience

Calibre is a freeware/open source ebook reader and compiler. It will convert between many formats, but I got the best results when I exported my novel to html and used that as the input file.

The problem is, most word processors pack a huge amount of hidden code into a simple html file, and all this cruft can lead to odd-looking formatting when you convert the files to ebooks. yWriter does have an HTML export, but it's designed to display or print your work, not export to ebook.

So, yWriter introduces a new 'Export to Ebook' feature. This routine will export your novel to an html file which is optimised for conversion using Calibre. The resulting ebook should be formatted correctly without any nasty surprises.

But what if your novel is currently sitting in a Word doc, or an Openoffice file? Easy! Save it as RTF (all word processors support this option), then import it to yWriter using Import a work in progress. Once it's sitting in yWriter, export to ebook and convert the resulting html file using Calibre.

To summarise, you can create ebooks like this:

yWriter5 > Calibre > Ebook Reader

Or like this:

Word/OpenOffice > yWriter5 > Calibre > Ebook Reader

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