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FCharts Data Importing Tutorials

These pages show a step-by-step guide for first time users.
The examples given are for the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange)

Example One

In this example we will import a sample data file included with the program, which will also add a ticker to your database.

First, click the 'Import Export' button on the main screen. This will open a form which contains all the options for getting data in and out of the program. The Import tab is already selected:

Notice how 'Don't add new companies when importing data' is unticked.

Click 'Import Price Files'.

In the file selection window, locate ANZ.TXT and click 'Open'. After a brief flurry of activity you will see a message advising you that a list of new tickers has been saved to a file for you. You can ignore this, it's just extra information. Just click OK.

Close the import window, and enter ANZ in the code box on the main form. Then click Show!

If all went well, you should now be able to see a chart for ANZ. Right-click the main chart and try a few different indicators and overlays.

That's it for example one. Click here for the next example.