A Riddle in Bronze


Completely free: Every program is free to download and use except FCharts Pro, which has a free trial.
No spyware: My programs do not contain spyware, adware or trojans

This site and all the software are the work of one person: Simon Haynes, a programmer with over 30 years experience on projects large and small. Every program was written for my own use, then released for everyone to use and enjoy.
Apart from FCharts Pro, all my software is free to download and use, although you're encouraged to register if you can afford it.


When you launch your browser for a 'quick session', AntiBrowser will run instead. It will display a random 12 digit code, and you have to type the code and click Run Browser to get to the life-sucking time-wasting internet. If you decide it wasn't that important after all, just click the Forget It button.


Book catalogue software. Enter all your books with author, category, publisher etc and print them out in a variety of formats. Also includes library features - borrowers, multiple copies of the same book, loans, etc.

FCharts Pro

FCharts PRO is a fast, reliable program which delivers stock charting and screening at a very attractive price. Designed as a trader's toolbox, not a black box or grey box solution. Free 7 day trial available.

There's also a completely free version with fewer features: FCharts SE


For ham radio operators. HamTime reminds you to broadcast your callsign every 10 minutes as per FCC regulations.


Click the mouse to cycle through several solid colours across the entire screen. As each new colour is displayed, check the whole screen for odd-looking pixels. (Usually these tiny dots will be a different colour, or much brighter than the surrounding pixels.)


Remind-Me-Please (RMP) is a reminder program which will give you advance warning of upcoming events, appointments, TV programs, movies, birthdays and so on.


This program imports Amazon/Wide sales spreadsheets and allows you to view the data in different ways. E.g. view one title across different countries and months, or several titles per country, and so on.

SJ Accounts

Accounting software - customers, suppliers, inventory, invoicing. Still very plain and simple, but it's early days yet.


Who did you send that story to? How long has it been out? What was the feedback like? Has an article been sold or rejected? Use Sonar to track your short story or article submissions.

"I am a former software professional (director at Borland and Ashton-Tate in the 80 and 90s) and think your products are as feature rich and well developed as any desktop products on the market, regardless of status of freeware, shareware or fully licensed. Thanks very much for a great product." W.R.

Track-a-minute 2

Allows you to track time spent on jobs and tasks, with summaries and reports.


This E-Book reader loads text files and web pages (including direct from an internet address), reformatting them into paperbacks for screen reading. Also includes a printout routine to generate booklets and hard copy for binding, plus a compiler to generate your own ebooks for distribution.


yCopy2 is a folder sync backup tool which also allows date-based variables for destination folders. E.g. backup 'My Documents' every day to K:\01$ - $MONTH$ and you'll end up with a 12 month rolling historical backup.


yCourse is a course editor for the courseplay mod, which itself is used with Farming Simulator 2017. Create courses, edit existing courses, combine course, reverse travel direction and more.


yEdit2 is a text editor with a couple of neat features. The first is the ability to enter a wordcount, and see it reducing as you type. The second is password-protected files. Store all your internet passwords in a .yEdit2 file, set the master password.
You can use yEdit2 to open and edit RTF files, and it's a very small, compact program which means it loads lightning-quick. This makes it a handy replacement for Wordpad.


Combines templates and includes to generate html, text or PHP files. Can be used to build web sites, documents... anything constructed from text which contains repeated parts. I use it to build and maintain my web sites. Includes a sample three-page web site which can be freely modified and reused.


Allows you to launch multiple programs, web urls, explorer folders or documents (including a mix of any or all) with a single click.

"I was a senior IT manager for the U.S.'s largest accounting firm. I coded for years before that. I know software. This is excellent work." L.N.


Use this simple little program to track your stuff. Note the date, item name and who you lent it to and you'll know who's got what, and how long they've had it. Also includes printouts for a permanent record.


yMail is a POP3 email client with an intelligent filter which trains itself to recognize spam from the contents of your inbox. It can also be used purely as a pre-filter for your existing mail program, sitting in the system tray and cleaning spam automatically before you download it. yMail also includes email notification, displaying an unobtrusive icon when you have mail waiting.


An MP3 player designed for large file collections. Light and fast, it has 30 playlists and quick list filtering so you can find and play tracks in seconds.


Sticky notes for your Windows desktop. Create as many as you want, minimise them to just the title or hide them altogether.


yRead will load a plain text or HTML file and display it in a single-column, resizable window. Then it will read the file to you out loud, using human speech.


A simple program with 10 simultaneous countdown timers. I wrote it to keep an eye on eBay auctions, but there are many other uses.

"May I express my deepest admiration and extend my sincerest thanks for some of the simplest, cleanest, most effective software it has ever been my pleasure to install." L.S.


Editor for Flight Simulator traffic

yWriter PC/Mac/IOS/Android

This novel writing software allows you to break your book into chapters and scenes. (Free on PC and Mac). Tracking progress is easy with the 'status' flags, and this program will also create autobackups of your work by date and time.

Spacejock Installer

This program fixes missing MSCOMCTL.OCX and similar on Windows 10. Make sure you run it as ADMINISTRATOR.

You can only use the programs on this site if you agree not to hold me responsible if they crash your computer, wilt your house plants or steal all your pens when you're away from your desk.