The Dragon and Chips series

Spacejock Install Center
Win98 and above

This program is really useful on Windows 8 and Windows 10 - if you get a 'Missing MSCOMCTL.OCX error message from any Windows software (not just mine), you can download and run the Spacejock Installer to correct the issue. You should run Installer.exe as ADMINISTRATOR to ensure the runtimes are installed properly

A word about security and privacy
The download center is 100% one-way - it retrieves info, and never sends any.
When you first run the download center it downloads the 'Installer' web page from my site, and reads the latest version number from it. If the version on the site is more recent, it tells you there's an update available. (If not connected to the internet, it silently times out)
Next, you pick a program from the list (e.g. yBook) When you click 'Scan Runtimes' the download center runs a series of tests on your computer by attempting to use certain visual basic controls (OCX files) - e.g. it tries to set up a grid control, and if that fails with a certain error code it assumes the control isn't installed.
During testing, you will see OK or FAIL for each control. If any controls FAIL you probably won't be able to use the selected program.
At that point, you can click the 'Install' button next to each FAIL. The program retrieves a zipped version of the control and unpacks it to the relevant folder (usually c:\windows\system) Then it re-runs the test to ensure the install worked.
Finally, you can download and install the selected program itself. This retrieves and unpacks a zipped copy of the exe file, extracts it to a suitable program path, then creates a start menu entry for the program (under the Spacejock Software folder). If applicable, it also creates a link for the help file/manual.
At no stage does the Install Center (or any of my other software) transmit info about you or your computer. As you can see from the above, it's simply not necessary. If you like, you can run it through a firewall and approve each internet access.