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FCharts Pro Order - Step 1

FCharts Pro permanent license
Includes FCharts 1.x and FCharts 2.0.
Free updates for the life of the software.

You can pay in Australian or US dollars.
Registration code emailed automatically after successful payment

AUD $129

US $99

FCharts 2 Pro is also available in a three month trial version, which is a good way to try out all the Pro features of the software without paying full price.

• When you order, you will receive a code by email which will activate the software for three months from date of purchase.
• You can renew your trial as often as you like by purchasing a new trial code, although there is no discount if you later decide to purchase a full license.
• Trial codes do not add three months to your existing trial, they are valid for three months from date of purchase. If you intend to renew your trial, I suggest waiting until the previous code has expired.
3 month trial


FCharts PRO has a very liberal licence: you can install the same copy
to your home PC, laptop, work PC and so on, provided they're all used by the same person.

There is no product activation, and you can reinstall the program at any time without
having to contact Spacejock Software.

If you already own FCharts Pro and want to add the Trade Tester module, click here