A Riddle in Bronze

by Spacejock Software
For Windows 7 and newer

Sonar3 Reviews

"Dealing, as I do, with a large body of poetry submissions and markets, I have found Sonar3 to be an easy, subtle and rich programme that extends and complements my activities as a poet. It's among the best programmes out there, and easily the best for what it does." P.A.E.

"I teach computer science classes at the college level, and some of my long-time complaints include keeping programs focused, simple, and easy to use. Sonar is all of these, and I will use it as an example to my students. I also use it for tracking the status of my short stories and articles." G

"He should be charging for this!" Absolutely the best manuscript market manager I've used. Simple and intuitive, this has been my writing companion for over a year. Kat

If you use and enjoy Sonar3, please let me know. I may publish your comments on this page, unless you specifically forbid it, but if I do they'll be signed in the form of 'Bill G, Redmond'. I will never publish your email address.