The Harriet Walsh series

Custom Installer design & programming

I use InnoSetup for my own projects, and I can also create a Windows installer for your desktop application. (I also offer a freelance programming service if you need something more complex.)

What I'm offering:
I can create a custom installer for your Windows desktop application, consisting of an InnoSetup script suitable for installing your program and associated runtime files on Windows PCs. This script can be used with InnoSetup on your own machine to generate a single-exe, runnable installer. (Innosetup is a free download, but donations are recommended.)

I'm easy to work with and I understand that not everyone is a computer geek. Contact me, give me a rough idea what you're after and the budget you have in mind. If it's something I can handle for the price we can take it from there.

Rates and payment
Pricing depends on the complexity, the number of files you need to install and how many different conditions there are during the install process. (E.g. supporting runtimes for every version of Windows is a lot more work than targeting XP and above.)
We agree on a price and I deliver. There are no revised estimates after I start work, unless you revise the requirements. I accept payment via Paypal, major credit cards and BPAY.

My working environment:
I'm based in Western Australia but my timetable is flexible and I'm willing to work with anyone, wherever you're located.

I won't reveal who I'm working for, discuss projects with others, steal source code, release other people's work as my own or hold you to ransom. I recognise the value of intellectual property.

Hope to hear from you soon!