Programmer for hire

* Over 25 years experience
* English is my 1st language
* Great communicator
* No time wasting
* Direct, no-nonsense

Please note

I'm currently very busy with my own projects, so it's unlikely I will take on any additional work right now.

Please note

Freelance programmer for hire - yes, you can have the software engineer responsible for all the programs on this website working on your project!

I can design and write new projects, modify and extend existing code, convert older source to modern languages (e.g. VB5 or VB6 to dotnet) and also debug and fix errors in your code.

No hourly rate
I'll give you a fixed quote, up front. No uncertainty, and no bottomless money-pit. If the job takes more programming than expected, that's my problem - not yours. A small, fairly simple program with one or two forms and no data storage might run to as little as $100-$200. Medium-sized projects with three or more forms plus a database or two can cost $500 - $800, and larger projects should really be costed in stages.

I can also design and code a custom installer for your project.
I'm also a freelance writer who can help with writing, editing and proofing of manuals, text within your software and so on.

What I'm offering:
I can design and write Windows desktop applications. (For XP and above.)
I can debug and modify existing software, provided you have the source code.
I can optimize and improve your code.
I can convert older VB5 and VB6 code to dotnet projects.
I can also work as part of a team, developing modules and classes to your specifications.

"Simply awesome. everything is perfect. It was great working with you. Thank you very very much." M.H.
More than 20 years experience in Visual Basic 6, dotnet (C# and
I also code in C and C++
I have Android and iOS apps on the play/app stores.
SQL Server, MySQL, OLEdb, etc
I've written order-processing pages, shopping carts and more using PHP and Mysql.
I've also used a number of other technologies. If it's not listed, feel free to ask!

What sort of thing can I help with?
• Improving, modifying and upgrading existing dotnet projects.
• Debugging and optimising dotnet code.
• Data manipulation & databases.
• Software to evaluate the outcome of betting systems - e.g. blackjack, roulette, etc.
• Time-saving programs which perform the same basic tasks over and over.
• Converting existing VB projects to .Net.
• Record keeping.
• Automation (e.g. running programs at certain times of day).
• Importing, parsing and filtering text files.
• Graphing, etc.

From a user's point of view, you may be the best programmer in the business. You have a knack for no extra bulls**t, your interfaces and functionality are clean, straightforward and elegant. Many, many thanks. Dan

What about testimonials?
Read some of the genuine user feedback for programs I designed and coded single-handedly:
yWriter, FCharts, yBook, BookDB, Sonar, RMP and many more.

What's source code? Computer programs are built from a set of text files, called source code. These files contain instructions telling the program what to do, and a set of forms comprising the user interface. If you want me to modify or extend a piece of software, you must have the source code available.

What DON'T I work on?
• Software for Android, iPads and Macs.
• I can't modify or upgrade software unless you have the source code. See box, right.

What's the process?
I'm easy to work with and I understand that not everyone is a computer expert. Contact me, give me a rough idea what you're after and the budget you have in mind. If it's something I can handle for the price we can take it from there.

Once the job is completed to your satisfaction, payment is made and you get the compiled app and the source code (on request). This leaves you free to employ other programmers to work on the same project in future. Along the way I'm happy to send you test builds so you can try out various features.

If I take on a larger project, we can break it into agreed stages with a set of features and an agreed price for each one. As each stage progresses you get test versions to make sure everything is heading in the direction you want it to. Once you're happy a stage is complete, you make the relevant payment and I send you a zipped copy of the project, including the source code. As above, this means you're free to find another programmer at any time, including cancelling the whole deal before all the stages are complete. (Obviously there wouldn't be any refunds for stages already delivered.)

Rates and payment
We agree on a price and I deliver. There are no revised estimates after I start work, unless you revise the requirements. I accept payment via Paypal, major credit cards and BPAY.

My working environment:
I'm based in Western Australia but my timetable is flexible and I'm willing to work with anyone, wherever you're located.

I won't reveal who I'm working for, discuss projects with others, steal source code, release other people's work as my own or hold you to ransom. I recognise the value of intellectual property. Occasionally, during initial non-specific discussions, I've discovered that the software I'm being asked to write overlaps with something I'm already working on. If that happens, I won't take on the project.

I have two qualifications from Curtin University: a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, Film and Literature, which is why I'm good at communicating, and a Computer Science degree.

Over the past 20 years I've designed and written large, complex and very reliable apps in QB45 (QuickBasic), VB/Dos, Visual Basic 3 through 6, C++ and VB.NET, for computers ranging from 8mhz 8086 PCs running MSDos 3.30 to multi-core CPUs running the latest versions of Windows. Past applications include multi-user accounting software, factory management software, order tracking software, appointment booking software, share market charting apps and many more. I designed and coded all the software on this site and have dealt with thousands upon thousands of users over the past ten years.

Hope to hear from you soon!