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FCharts SE Free Stock Charting Software
by Spacejock Software
Runs on all versions of Windows, 32- or 64- bit and Wine on Linux & Mac
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FCharts SE has been superseded by FCharts 2 SE. I recommend you download and install the newer version instead, although the original still works well.

"I can't believe you are the only brain behind this entire project. I have used many other platforms developed by big companies but none of them reach the efficiency and ease in your software. Awesome job friend." U.D.

"Congratulations on a wonderful piece of software! I am amazed at how well this program has been written, as I was expecting a bug-riddled, half-functioning piece of software with no practical use to real-world technical trading. You have proven me wrong!" A.F. (Australia)

"Thank you for the great charting programme. I have been using -------- for the US market and this programme is just as good as the big guns in America. Keep up the good work." B.E. (Australia)

"My hearty congratulations to you for publishing, maintaining and improving this wonderful software. You are really helping the investing and trading community a lot. Having used the software for nearly a year now, I find it's much easier to understand the market physics with the help of your program. It's amazing how such high quality software could be made available for a nominal price. Kindly keep your good work going." S. V.

"I'm stunned. It would appear you have the goods and evidently you know how to program. Writing a cheque now." G. (Australia)

"This is unbelievable! I've set up within 2 days what took me months with E----n. I LOVE this program!" K. (Canada)

"Many thanks for your prompt and effective response. After following the registration instructions FCharts Pro started up quickly and without problems. Your charting program and your quality of service are excellent and I look forward to trying out your other programs on the CD." Frank L. (Australia)

"I have been monitoring equities utilizing technical analysis for a number of years through various software programs. FCharts Pro's ease of tool access, range of capabilities, and ability to configure & recall analyses make it a superior program. Your software design is very impressive and intuitive. Really well done." Gary P. (USA)

"I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful program." Eddie B. (Australia)

"I recently ordered and received a copy of your Fcharts Pro. After running the free version for a little while, and now the Pro version, let me say that both are probably the best and most stable software packages I have encountered. Totally uncomplicated, brilliant! I am absolutely satisfied and want to congratulate you. After trading for some years and using M-------k and O--------r, I find that your program covers all that I need, and is a bucket load easier to configure and operate." Heinz S.

"Anyone interested in share trading should check this out. By far the best I've seen on the net. I have checked many freeware programs of this type and this is the first I would seriously recommend." maxtc on

"Software usually impresses on first use and then its failings become apparent over time. But every now and then you come across software that continues to impress the harder it is worked. FCharts Pro is well worth the learning curve. Well done." Marg W.

"I am very pleased with the program as it is stable and has never crashed on me. This is why I've stopped using my other program in preference to FCharts Pro." Ron W.

"Gotta tell you that buying your program was the best move I made in a long time. Great support, all the features I want and more, incredible response time, what more can I ask for?" Clint, USA

"Love the program - it has all the features I need (and more). Thanks for a great program at a reasonable price!" S.B. (Australia)

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