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FCharts SE Free Stock Charting Software
by Spacejock Software
Runs on all versions of Windows, 32- or 64- bit and Wine on Linux & Mac
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FCharts SE has been superseded by FCharts 2 SE. I recommend you download and install the newer version instead, although the original still works well.

FCharts Feature Comparison

(This is the comparison table for FCharts 1.x. A comparison table for FCharts 2.x will be provided shortly.)

Just a quick note to provide some feedback on the FCharts Pro software. In one word - FANTASTIC. I am from an IT background working for a large financial organisation and have many years of exposure to different software and I can rate FC Charts as the best "Bang for Bucks". It has everything that a casual trader like me needs and more. Chris C.

This list is outdated - the current release of FCharts Pro contains a lot more features, but you can test them yourself with the free 7-day trial.

Feature FCSE FCPro
Unlimited company records Yes Yes
Unlimited prices Yes Yes
Line charts Yes Yes
Heikin-Ashi charts No Yes
Gann charts No Yes
OHLC bar charts Yes Yes
Point and Figure charts No Yes
EOD/Intraday bar-by-bar replay feature No Yes
Candlestick charts Yes Yes
Candlestick recognition No Yes
Semi-Log scale No Yes
Import data in Bodhi One format Yes Yes
Create up to 20 custom watchlists Yes Yes (20)
Store and retrieve layouts No Yes
Number of User-Defined Indicators 2 100
Number of charts on main screen 2 7
Entry and Exit formula pairs 1 1-2
Number of overlays & indicators 10 50+
Market Scanner No Yes
Trade Tester No Yes
Transaction history, with brokerage No Yes
Import and scan fundamental data No Yes
Split market into sectors No Yes
Create your own indexes No Yes
Formula-based stop-loss No Yes
Paid, Sell At, Target Buy and Stop Loss lines displayed on chart No Yes
Automatic position sizer No Yes
Drawn trendlines stored and retrieved (Yes, they remain where you drew them, even after more prices are added) Yes Yes
List view for top-down analysis No Yes
Import Metastock(tm) data (255-file per folder format) Yes Yes
Import data in Bodhi One format Yes Yes
Built-in data downloader Yes Yes
Built-in database cleaner Yes Yes
Export all data to Ascii Yes Yes
Change period of any indicator Yes Yes
Calculate Advance/Decline ratio Yes Yes
Set colours for most indicators Yes Yes
EOD and Intraday mode Yes Yes
Quotetracker support Yes Yes
Fibonacci lines Yes Yes
Multiple databases (E.g. ASX, NYSE) No Yes
Enter Splits/Consolidations Yes Yes
Custom formula language Yes Yes
EMA, IF-Then-else, ROC and PERCENT statements. No Yes
Formula builder Yes Yes
Hide the end of any chart, then replay prices one by one. (For trade testing) No Yes
'Slideshow' charts Yes Yes
Slideshow, saving charts to disk No Yes
Formula builder Yes Yes
Pivot point lines No Yes
Automatic countback lines No Yes
Add events with chart markers No Yes
Display Ex-dividend dates on chart No Yes
Overlay any indicator on the main chart Yes Yes
Force overlay to price scale Yes Yes
Exponential Moving Averages 3 3
Simple Moving Averages 3 3
MACD chart with signal and histogram Yes Yes
Zero-centered MACD chart Yes Yes
Momentum chart Yes Yes
Three-way Momentum chart No Yes
RSI (Relative strength index) with smoothing Yes Yes
Volume histogram with moving average Yes Yes
User-Defined Indicator Charts 2 30
Combine 2 indicators for a histogram of the difference No Yes
Accumulation/Distribution Index No Yes
Average True Range (chart or overlay) No Yes
Candlestick shadow moving average No Yes
Chaikin Oscillator No Yes
Chaikin Money Flow No Yes
Commodity Channel Index No Yes
Coppock Guide No Yes
DT3/7 Oscillator No Yes
Elder Ray No Yes
Elder's Force Index No Yes
On Balance Volume (Chart or Overlay) No Yes
RSI of Volume No Yes
Fast Stochastic No Yes
Slow Stochastic No Yes
Wilder's DMI (ADX) No Yes
Williams %R No Yes
Trading Bands No Yes
Guppy MMA (Multiple moving averages) No Yes
Hi/Lo moving average No Yes
Parabolic SAR No Yes
RSI/Volume vector (RVOL) No Yes
Compare with Sector No Yes
Compare with any other stock No Yes
Volume/Close vector (CVOL) No Yes
Bollinger Bands No Yes