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Remind-Me-Please Reviews

"At 75, things get a bit slower and a bit more forgetful. I near despaired of ever hearing of people who were not of the "gimme-gimme" generation, but you renewed my hope that there are still good concerned people out there. That alone is a reward to this Senior. Now, complement that with your free Remind Me program and you have a star shining for you somewhere. The program is excellent, easy to use, and just what us older duffs need. I See five doctors a year at various times through out the year. My wife sees four doctors. We are healthy because we keep up with the required schedules. In addition, we keep our mental health up by belonging to many clubs, all of which have various schedules. Then there are the other events in ones life, so easy to forget at our age. You can see how your program runs like a binding thread through our life. The program has enabled us to continue to be involved in life. Thank you so very much for your contribution to our continued happiness." B&J

"I've been using Remind Me Please for a few months now and cannot tell you how much I enjoy using it. It is so capable and user friendly. I even have daily tasks scheduled to remind me to do certain things when I turn on my computer in the morning. I had tried some other remider software but nothing else even comes close. The flexiblity is great. For example I have one account that bills me in a strange 10 month cycle. A piece of cake for Remind Me Please. It is best of breed world class software by my standards. My hat is off to you." LM

"I have been looking for a little program to remind me of things by popping up on my desktop. My main concern was getting one that was plain and simple and would not collect garbage on my hard drive like the old Gator. I found yours and have it installed and working and I love it. I just wanted you to know that your work is appreciated." Kathy Y

"Awesome job!! I have tried numerous other reminder services, but this is, by far, the greatest one I have come across and I plan to keep using it!! It's easy to set up, and use!! Thanks for creating such a superb product for us!!!!" Nancy H

"Excellent! I commend you for a job WELL DONE!! I was VERY pleased upon first use and impressed with the quick learning curve, about 5 minutes and I had my reminders in place and just sitting back admiring your work! Thanks!!" Greg B, Georgia USA

5 star rated on Simple Shareware
5 stars

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