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FCharts SE & Pro Updated

I've put FCharts 1.5.96J online (Download the SE & Pro update here, and there's also a beta of 1.6.10 for you to try out here. What's new in FCharts 1.6.10? I've increased the number of variables from 20 to unlimited, changed a lot of the internals, etc, etc.

Recommended install procedure (1.6.10 only):

Copy your existing FCharts folder, calling the new copy FCharts16

Extract the zip into that folder or, better, run the 1.6 installer and choose the FCharts16 folder above as the target (this will create FCharts 1.6 desktop shortcut & start menu entries)

Important - FCharts 1.6 should be run on a COPY of your data. It's a BETA TEST VERSION only.

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Posted March 9, 2008 . . .
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