How to write a novel

by Spacejock Software
For Windows 7 and newer

yBook2 Reviews

"Just a short line top say what an excellent program yBook is. It is a far superior reading experience to MSReader, to the extent that I am currently putting my .lit files through the ABC converter so I can read them in yBook instead! Thank you very much for sharing your expertise." JB

"One of the finest programs I've ever used on a computer, freeware or otherwise. Does what it's supposed to do without a lot of fluff. By far and away the best book reader. Thank You!!!" Mike L.

"With your Ybook wonder tool, I can now read my html, pdb, txt and rtf ebooks without all the conversion hassles. BECAUSE your magnificent software allows to make the fonts really really really really BIG!!!! You see, I have severe vision issues due to diabetic complications, and your software is simply a godsend! Why oh why on earth won't Microstupid's Ebook reader allow me to read LIT ebooks in a font type and size of my own choosing??!!! In any case, thank you for making my life a whole lot easier. I LOVE to read, and I LOVE your YBook reader thingy." Becky

"From Spacejock Software comes a truly terrific ebook reader. Pages are clear and well formatted. Font size and appearance can be changed. Bookmarks are remembered. Very nice and easy reading." John Hood's Best of Free Software

"Fantastic application!. Love the dynamic calculations, automatic bookmarks, html and text files look fantastic!" Thomas

"I'm writing to congratulate you on a great product. I've tried several other eBook readers, but yours with the readily settable backrounds and side-by-side page display is easily the best I've seen." Derek

"I have tried every e-book reader out there from the majors to the obscure but I somehow missed yBook. I will say that it is hands down the best I have ever used. I was never happy with any reader I found and was constantly trying to find a perfect one, looks like I finally did. Well done!" 'Scott'

"I must say that this is the best text reader I have had the pleasure to use. This is a fine program and a fine product - it makes reading etext files as enjoyable as reading a paper book." 'Tiny'

"Very nice. It's easy to use, works well. You should try it too. Makes ebooks infinitely more interesting." Jon

5 star rated on Simple Shareware
5 stars rated on Editors Choice
5 stars

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