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Compatible with Windows 98 and newer.

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"Thank you for designing and offering BookDB software!! It is Exactly what I needed to organize all the materials for a small university educational program. It's very user friendly, great for managing and tracking materials and roomy enough to hold our collection." J

"Wonderful software! As a programmer for 25 years, now retired, I can see how much effort you have put into this." J.A.

"Thank you for putting together some badly needed programs that can co-exist with Vista. Book DB is greatly appreciated." J

"Thank you so much for the amazing book database software. It is exactly what I need! It's a wonderful, easy-to-use program and I appreciate your generosity in making your great software available to the public." S.P.

I work as a librarian and I'm a happy user of BookDB, which I regard as the best freeware book management application on the web. Salvatore, Italy

This is a great little programme for book lovers and collectors. It's easy to use and even easier to micro-print to carry with you. Technical support, when you do need it as a newcomer to the software, is both rapid and personal and that's much appreciated for a free programme. The developer is also hospitable to suggested possible improvements.
David Raitt, Netherlands

"You know, I've received less (a lot less) support from people/companies that charge for their programs; I truly appreciate your help and commitment to your work."
John, via email.

If you use and enjoy BookDB, please let me know. I may publish your comments on this page, unless you specifically forbid it, but if I do they'll be signed in the form of 'Bill G, Redmond'. I will never publish your email address.
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