The Dragon and Chips series

Traffic editor for Flight Simulator 2002 and 2004
by Spacejock Software
Runs on all versions of Windows, 32- or 64- bit and Wine on Linux & Mac

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This software is free to download and use, and this page explains why.

Current version: 2.0.43

Updated on: Mar 05, 2010

Direct download: Update file (Download and run to update your copy of this program)

Change Log:

2.0.43 Recompiled to include improvements to sub routines
2.0.38 Fixed the 'Split Aircraft' function
2.0.34 Fixed a couple of issues when loading plans with incorrect data
2.0.33 Fixed display of incorrect flight when editing a leg
2.0.31 Allowed comments in airports.txt files (Lines starting with ; or //)
2.0.29 Allowed comments in aircraft.txt files (Lines starting with ; or //)

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