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by Spacejock Software
For Windows 7 and newer

FCharts2 Pro is the latest version of the popular FCharts charting software

FCharts 1 was released in 2000/2001. In the past ten years the program has grown into an amazing application which fills just about every trader's or investor's needs. FCharts 2 is a complete rewrite of FCharts Pro from the ground up, incorporating all the knowledge and experience I've developed over 10-12 years working on my code. For example, FCharts Pro 1.x is limited to 20 watchlists, 10 custom indexes, 100 user defined indicators and so on while FCharts 2 has none of these limits - you can have as many as you want.

FCharts2 features a new database engine, a refreshed user interface, and multi-threaded indicators which make better use of multi-core CPUs. However, the program will still run on modest hardware.

Some of the many differences between FCharts 2 and FCharts 1.x

• The biggest change is the switch to a multiple document interface (MDI), which means every chart is now independent. They can be docked/tiled/cascaded in the main window, and you can display as many as you want.

• Each chart window can contain up to 7 linked charts stacked one above the other (like FCharts 1 does now) - price charts, indicators, UDI, etc, etc

• Each window can also contain just a full size chart and nothing else.

• Each window can have its own ticker, price span and frequency, DIFFERENT 1/2/3/4 formulae (even on the same company data), can be intraday or EOD, weekly, monthly, etc

• Each window also has its own watchlist so one window can have all ASX200 tickers while another is displaying favourites.

• Formula 1/2 and 3/4 entry boxes can be shown or hidden individually. You can also hide the status bar, and the scrollbar will only show when you're zoomed in.

• There's now a 'start date' and 'end date' bar which can be used to chart between the specified dates. The bar can be hidden.

• You can create Layouts using the toolbar, and easily switch between them. E.g. switch from a 9 month daily price chart with EMA1 to 3 overlaid, to a 5 year candlestick chart with Parabolic SAR ... all with one click of the mouse.

• Display precision of up to six decimal places.

• Each sub-window is like duplicate of what the FCharts 1.x main screen looks like now, so it's a bit like being able to run 5-20 copies of the program at the same time.

• I'm also working out how to pick one of the chart windows and save the layout to disk under a user-defined name (e.g. 'Monthly OHLC with CCI'), which means you could then pick any other chart window and apply that layout to it, making everything bar the ticker the same as the source window. These layouts would be unlimited, and would hopefully be easily accessible so you could display the list and double-click one to apply the settings to the focused chart window.

• I've moved from having set formulae for condition1/2/3/4, UDIs, scanner and trade tester, and have now written a formula library which keeps them all in one place in the program. This library will be accessible from anywhere you need a formula. I'm also intending to save formulae with each chart window, so if you read in the layout from another window you get the formulae as well.

• The portfolio is being reworked, and now supports entry of dividend payments with franked, unfranked amounts, withholding tax and so on. There's also improved reporting, including the ability to print off all dividends and transactions between given dates.

• The other thing I've done is to split the prices folder up - it's now EOD and Intraday. (Not to mention the new ascii-based XML price data files, which means you can open and edit them manually if you want, or use the data in other apps.)