Spacejock Software News

09 July, 2019 yWriter for MacOS is in progress!
I've set up a new page for yWriterMac here. If you have any interest at all in a Mac version, [...]
06 July, 2017 iOS and MacOS update
The Android version of yWriter is available to the public as a beta release, and the iOS version is now [...]
06 July, 2017 yWriter Android released
I've just released the first public beta of yWriter Android. This version supports google drive for loading and saving, and [...]
19 June, 2017 Android Update
I've been working hard on the Android version of yWriter*, with an Alpha release already on the Play store. * [...]
15 May, 2017 Patreon page added
I get many (so many!) requests for new features, new programs, android and apple versions of my software, and even [...]
05 February, 2017 yCourse courseplay editor
I'm a big fan of the Farming Simulator series, the most recent being FS17, and I really like the courseplay [...]
05 February, 2016 New Release ... Hal Spacejock 7: Big Bang
Hal Spacejock 7: Big Bang is available now in ebook and paperback (Amazon/Book Depository) editions. The ebook edition is available [...]
20 July, 2012 New release: Hal 5
I know a lot of Spacejock Software followers are writers, readers and science fiction fans, which is why I'm sharing [...]
01 December, 2011 New software - yNotes
yNotes is a sticky desktop notes application from Spacejock Software. Unlike the WIndows 7 sticky notes program, in yNotes you [...]
18 October, 2011 How to run Ubuntu in a virtual machine
Sometimes I find a great piece of software on the web, but it's designed to run on Linux. I do [...]
24 August, 2011 FCharts 2
FCharts 2 is still a work in progress. When you buy FCharts 1 you also get to download FCharts 2 [...]
15 July, 2011 Minecraft review
If you're into casual computer gaming you should check out my review of Minecraft You'll need a modest PC/Mac/Linux box [...]
13 March, 2011 Website relaunch
The Spacejock Software website has undergone a facelift, bringing it kicking and screaming into the second decade of the 21st [...]
19 January, 2011 yTimer2 released
It's only a first release but yTimer2 already has several improvements over the original. For a start, your timers are [...]
10 October, 2010 FCharts2 SE Alpha released
The Alpha-test version of FCharts2 SE is now available. Download, install, transfer your FCharts 1.x data across and try out [...]
06 September, 2010 Riding for Charity (Nov 2010)
In November 2010 I completed the Santos Great Bike Ride, cycling 53km for charity. The ride started on the Perth [...]
06 September, 2010 Spacejock Software on Twitter
Follow Spacejock Software on Twitter - I usually post updates when I release new programs. [...]
25 January, 2010 Sonar 3 Quickstart Guide
I've just added a quickstart guide for Sonar 3, which will help new users get started and also help existing [...]
07 June, 2009 New Beta and Linux pages
Each of my .Net apps now has a Beta page where you'll find a test release of each program. (AKA [...]
19 December, 2008 yWriter 5 released
It's been several months coming, but the first public release of yWriter 5 is out now. Expect many tweaks and [...]
03 November, 2008 International Backup Day
November 3 is International Backup Day, as declared by me. Full details [...]
28 May, 2008 Bestselling title released as free download
FREMANTLE PRESS RELEASES FREE ONLINE NOVEL There may be no free lunch for goofy hero Hal Spacejock, but his fans [...]
April 2, 2008 New quickstart guides
A number of donations from users of my software have encouraged me to embark on a set of Quick Start [...]
March 22, 2008 yRead3 beta released
I've just put the finishing touches to yRead 3 beta, and you can now download this new version of my [...]
March 13, 2008 New yWriter Google Group
Congratulations: you've successfully created your Google Group, yWriter. • Group name: yWriter • Group home page: [...]
March 9, 2008 FCharts SE & Pro Updated
I've put FCharts 1.5.96J online (Download the SE & Pro update here, and there's also a beta of 1.6.10 for [...]
March 1, 2008 Donation buttons
I've toyed with donation buttons for my software before (and I suspect some of the help files still have them [...]
February 27, 2008 TrackAMinute beta
I've just put an early beta of TrackAMinute 2 online, replacing the original 0.0.25 version. This is my time tracking [...]
February 25, 2008 yBook updated
I've just released a new version of yBook with several tweaks and a new desktop hiding feature. Just press H [...]
February 20, 2008 New news system
I've ported over my website news system from the site, so expect to see highlights of recent events listed [...]
February 8, 2008 Sonar3 beta available
I recently uploaded a beta of Sonar3, completely rewritten from Sonar2 and now built on the .NET 2.0 platform. You're [...]
February 1, 2008 A recipe page, of all things
Recently I put a simple recipes page on the website. Nothing flash, just quick and easy recipes I often [...]
December 1, 2007 yWriter4 released
yWriter 4 is now available. See the program's home page for [...]
November 2007 Ah, the news page
Suddenly remembered I had a news page for this site... The version page for each program shows the most recent [...]
January, 2007 Just Desserts released
My third novel, Hal Spacejock Just Desserts, hits the shops. More details on the official Hal Spacejock [...]
April 2006 Website updates
Changed the website to a grey colour scheme. Quite a few of my programs have been [...]
March 2006 Second Course released
My second novel is released: Hal Spacejock Second [...]
September 2005 More novel news
Still very busy on the novel front. Hal Spacejock Second Course has been handed in to my editor, and Hal [...]
August 2005 Launch party for my novel
The launch for my Hal Spacejock novel is on the 31st [...]
March 2005 Working on novel
I've been flat out editing my humorous science fiction novels for Fremantle Arts Centre Press, so updates have been less [...]
February 2005 yPlay version 1.0 released
I've put a new program online (yPlay - an MP3 player), and once again I've updated quite a few other [...]
January 2005 yLend released
I've put a new program online (yLend), and I've updated quite a few other programs (yMail, FCharts, BookDB, RMP and [...]
November 2004 New installer format
I've created self-contained download packages for all my programs now. They're hosted on my own server, but due to speed [...]
November 2004 sponsor downloads just offered to sponser my web site. I've been trying to squeeze everything into 30 megs of space through [...]