The Hal Spacejock series

by Spacejock Software
Designed for MacOS 10.11 El Capitan and later.

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Current version is released 18/Jun/2020

yWriterMac.pkg (8mb)

yWriterMac zip file (8.2mb)

(Please make sure yWriterMac isn't running while you're trying to update it!) Don't forget, this is an early alpha release. I'm making it available to ensure it will install and run. I'm also interested in bug reports on the following:

• Creating and opening projects
• Adding and reordering chapters
• Creating and reordering scenes, and moving them between chapters
• Moving characters/items/locations to and from scenes
• Adding new characters, locations, items.

Note that many features are missing or greyed out. I don't need bug reports on missing features, just crashes (preferably with a log file - see Tools - Debug - View Log File)